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We know that getting your freight moved can be a challenge. That’s why we’re taking a different approach to bring more consistency, more solutions and more options to you. In our most recent Delivering Ideas webinar, we talked with several tech leaders in the company about a few of the things we’re working on:

1. We’re streamlining our end-to-end processes, now offering connections directly through application programming interface (API) for more efficient and cost-effective freight tendering.

2. You may have heard of our new digital fleet, Variant, that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize the movement of freight and uses people to provide a better experience for professional truck drivers.

3. We’re digitizing our brokerage offering, adding visibility and enhancing our carrier network to give you more options to move your freight with confidence.

4. We know we had gotten behind with our technology, and we’re working hard to catch up. We’re eliminating unnecessary manual touchpoints throughout the process so that you, our operators and our drivers can focus on what you all do best.

It’s never too late to watch the recording to get more details about what we’re building for you.

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